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The best dental implants in Markham in just one day

If you are looking for new teeth in one day, our dental implant facility in Markham might be just what you need. With everything done under one roof, you can get your new teeth in a day, without going from one place to another to visit different specialists. Your entire implant team is right here in our location, so when you leave at the end of your appointment, you will walk out with a brand new smile. All you will have to do is come back six months later for your permanent teeth.

Financing options to make your life easier

We always tell our potential patients not to let the question of money stop them from coming to see us. The cost of your All On 4 dental implants will depend on exactly what you need to have done – whether it is a full set of teeth or just one or two. At your free consultation, we will go over all of your options in detail. We will also tell you what financing options are available. You could well discover that dental implants are more affordable than you thought.

More comfortable and long-lasting than the alternatives

There was a time when the only way to get new teeth was to get dentures. Many people find dentures uncomfortable and ill-fitting. They have a tendency to slip, and food can get caught underneath them. All of those problems go away with dental implants: they are as comfortable as healthy natural teeth. And they are a lifetime investment, unlike dentures and flippers, which only last for five to ten years.

To learn more about All On 4 dental implants and whether they are right for you, call us and ask for a free consultation.

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