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People get dental implants for all kinds of reasons. No matter what your circumstances are – loss of teeth due to injury or illness, a dental condition or any other reason – we have a solution for you.

We appreciate that dental implants can be a big step, and at your free consultation, we will gently walk you through your options and all of the costs involved. When it comes time to pay your bill or submit your claim to your insurance company, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Planning ahead for best results

After your consultation, you may need a bit of time to think about your options and talk to your loved ones or your insurance company. When you are ready for your dental implants – whether it is one day or one month after your consultation – you can come in for your pre-procedure exam. This is a non-invasive meeting with a prosthodontics, who will schedule your treatment plan and start preparing for your procedure.

Smooth sailing on the big day

Thanks to our rigorous planning procedures, we are able to give you all of your dental implants in one day. You will walk out of our office at the end of your appointment sporting a brand new set of temporary teeth that will look and feel great.

Regular check-ups to monitor progress

The cost of your dental implants includes follow-up visits, so that we can make sure you are recovering well. During these visits, we will inspect the implants to ensure that they are settling well, and we will advise you on care and nutrition during your recovery phase.

Permanent teeth to round out the process

The final step in the process of receiving dental implants is permanent teeth. When your mouth has completely healed and your implants have stabilized, you will receive permanent teeth. They will look like and function just like regular teeth.

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